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Monday, March 30, 2009

Wedding: Layne and Adam

Layne and Adam were champs! The weather was pretty...no...really crappy and they still wanted to shoot outside! Talk about our kind of couple! I think that it was definitely worth it, but you can decide that for yourselves! Check out some work!

Some couple pics:
Seeing eachother for the first time

and some more couple pics:

and a couple of the bride. I love these two shots!

Some prep:
Layne had pretty, pretty buttons on her dress

and look what they found for goodluck!

Layne and her bridesmaids- they had on some hottie, hottie shoes!

Rock, paper, scissors!

A little something blue:

A few ring shots:

And a cute family to end:)

Thanks Layne and Adam for being so wonderful! We really enjoyed your day and we'll keep you posted on the status of your images!

Lots of love,

Sarah and Manson

1 comment:

Ivy said...

I like the set up of the photos.... cute couple, in love, beautiful bride with simple makeup and a sweet innocent smile, then a tat on her foot with orange patent shoes! Ha... this chicka is cool!