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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Top Ten: Funny Things Manson Has Said

We are starting a top ten tradition and for the first of many I decided to write about things Manson has said that make me laugh. Alright, here we go......!

1)"Thats a nice bean field." (Spoken like a true country girl.)
2)"It reminds me of ketchup and scrambled eggs!" (In reference to her mustard and my bright red coat laying next to eachother- she proceeded to move them apart and FAST because it grossed her out too much to see them next to eachother)
3)"That's what she said!" (I couldn't believe this came out of her mouth. I thought I was going to pee my pants when I heard this one!)
4)"Holy Cats!" (When I first met Manson I thought that she talked like she was on Scooby Doo or something)
5)"My biggest fear is potlucks." (When interviewed for the school yearbook about her biggest fear. Most people would say death or heights, but not my Manson.)
6)"I lost my glasses and found them in the box of granola bars." (She had been looking for them for weeks! This still kills me!)
7)"Pull your pants down." (said to a client meaning his socks were showing, but it took him off guard. He didn't realize his socks were showing and he looked at her like she was nuts!)
8)Do you know how to spell "hiney?" On Friday I looked in every possible place to find how to spell the word "hiney" and I couldn't find it anywhere! (Manson, why were you trying to spell "hiney" anyways?!)
9)"It tastes like novocaine." (When trying a blood orange)
10) "I can't believe the way I feel in my brain right now. it doesn't even make sense." (said in total seriousness after a long day)

And because a post isn't complete without a picture... here's my wonderful Manson shooting in Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas.

Hopefully this post was good for a laugh or two. Manson is always cracking me up!

Have a beautiful day!



Ivy said...

Fun out of the blue comments that make you laugh... that is Scott and I, we are always laughing!
I bet your shoots are fun, can't wait for ours!

Lynne Holdeman said...

What a timeless photo of a photographer! Erin, you look awesome!
Erin, Thank you so much for being a part of Mike and Jenna's special day! It was such a privelege to have you there. I was glad to see that Sarah could actually sit back and be apart of the wedding, instead of working it. Bless you!