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Monday, November 10, 2008

Wedding: Jonny and Ashley

My husband's sister, Ashley got married on Saturday and I was excited they planned their day around my availability. I'm always bummed how many bridal/baby showers and weddings I have to miss because we book Saturday weddings so far in advance. If I ever have a friend get married and they want me in their wedding, they're going to have to pick a weekend about three years ahead of time to be sure I'm free!

I've never worked with two people who were so outwardly thankful for my work with them as Ashley and Jonny were on Saturday. We receive many emails and cards of thanks after we shoot events, but this weekend, every time I turned around Ashley and Jonny thanked me and said how they couldn't wait to see the photos. Thanks for making me feel like a special part of your day you two! I pray that you never lose the smiles I saw you share today!

Because of the poor weather, we opted for a few indoor locations we dreamt up. Our first stop was Squier's Manor, an old bed and breakfast in Maquoketa.

Some of my faves of the beautiful bride!

And on to the Decker House and Hotel (which by the way has the BEST breakfast buffet!).

And a few from the ceremony...

And the funniest part of the entire day... Ashley, maybe we should keep that one between us!

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