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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Child: Owen

I loved observing the life of a two year old again! Oh, the faces! I think shooting one and two year olds is the trickiest! When kids are under one we can pose/position them and, for the most part, they don't move that much until they can crawl or walk. By age three we can direct them to do certain things or sit/stand certain places. When the kids are one and two I just click away! Thank goodness for digital cameras! When I started shooting on my Pentax film camera in college I always felt as though digital was cheating. I felt like digital cameras took the art out of photography. If someone questioned that concept today, I'd argue them to the ground that is untrue, but that wouldn't have been the case several years ago. Although the art of digital photography is drastically different than film, there are also some scary similarities. I remember shooting my first wedding in film and being sick for about two weeks while I waited for the images to be processed. I don't miss that! While I often feel like I'm seatbelted into my computer chair, I absolutely love that I can be an artist while I shoot images (while thinking about line, compositions, negative space, etc.), but then I can be an artist when I create the final product through my computer screen as well! Sometimes I almost feel as though I'm painting on a canvas.

Love, love, love the faces, Owen!

Getting your two-year old pictures taken is such a bummer, isn't it?

So sweet!

My goodness, how I love having two photographers! Owen finally loosened up a bit once Sarah put her camera down and started playing with him. We almost always resort to this method!

Have a great night! Manson

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