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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Sarah!!!

Happy Birthday my dear Sarah!!! I heart you!!! Here’s my top ten list of why I love Sarah so much.


10 She’s a cake stealer
- Since Sarah isn’t much of a cake girl, she gets a piece of cake at weddings anyway and secretly lets me have two!
9 She can go longer without a shower than I can
- My husband might argue that one!
8 She introduced me to Pancheros
- Ahhh, a taste of heaven! As long as I close my eyes when they make Sarah’s
7 She can tolerate my husband’s foul comments
-And often responds back with better ones than he has
6 She has the worst sense of direction of anyone I know
- And laughs about it with me!
5 She knows when the small things matter
- And is very thoughtful about knowing when people need encouragement
4 She respects my values
- And encourages me through faith
3 She has a plan to follow her dreams
- Regardless of what anyone else thinks
2 She laughs at herself
- All the time!!!
1 She fills all of my downfalls
- As an artist, friend, and business partner

Have a great day woman! Love, Manson

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