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Thursday, February 21, 2008


After three snow days in a row, going back to school today was tough! And to make things worse - we had conferences after school until 8! So I found this photo contest involving your grandma or grandpa and I knew I had a few pictures of my grandfather from his last birthday. I drove back to the high school to look through my files for the photos of him blowing out his candles. After two hours of searching I gave up and went home. I found another image to use, played with it a bit, and as I got ready to send it in, read that it had to be horizontally cropped. Mine was vertical! Just not my day, I guess. Not that the photo was anything too exciting, but to make me feel like the last four hours weren't for nothing, I will add the photo here. As you can see on his hat, my grandfather was born in 1910! ~E



I thought I would add on my contest submission as well! Erin and I were both posted as favorites, but we didn't end up in the final four for the contest. Next time!!!

Here is my gramps! I love him so much. I get to go visit him in April and I can't wait until then!



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