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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Still Changing Up the Blog!

As you have probably noticed we are still changing up the blog! Today I worked on a new header. I wanted something funky and earthy, so up above is what I came up with!

Because no blog entry is complete without a photo, below is one of the images I used to make the header. This was taken at the apple orchard this past fall.

Take care everyone and check back for a new contest soon!



1 comment:

gina lee ~ said...

Hi there, Thanks for visiting our crazy light display. I know "over the top" a bit, but we love it. Actually, when we close the shutters and just go about our daily routine, we don't even notice the 400 cars that have passed or the busy flashing of lights. luckily the music can only be heard in the passerbys car radio, for the neighbors sake. The HSM was a one night show, but we do a Christmas display all through Xmas. Then my husband changed it up for our daughter this year. She loved it. and lights are out by 8 or 10.
Thanks for the visit and comment and have peeked at your blog and have enjoyed it. I will bookmark it and see how things are going.
I saw you went to Chicago. was it for a workshop?